The IFTF Accessibility Testing Project Report

June 13, 2019

In 2010 I appeared in a documentary about interactive fiction called Get Lamp. You may also know interactive fiction as text adventure games. I loved playing them as a kid on my Apple II/e, later the II/GS, and on my Keynote PC+ running a crappy version of MSDOS 2.1.1 burned into the ROM. Infocom made many of the well known games. Authoring tools allowed anyone to create these games, and thanks to these tools the art form continues to this day.

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A Healing Sound

May 08, 2019

A lot of time has passed since I have last written. My healing journey has continued with a lot of success. I wanted to share a fascinating revelation I had while floating in a sensory deprivation tank.

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My Alternative Medicine Journey

June 18, 2018

I wanted to give another update on my health. At the end of my previous update I had started taking artificial tears and ointment indefinitely, and had a new pair of glasses. I had resigned myself to this routine for the rest of my life. I have had a long time interest in meditation and the like, so decided to try acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.

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Technical.ly Philly Profile

April 20, 2018

Technical.ly Philly published a wonderful profile about me as part of their series about accessibility. The article pretty much speaks for itself. My eyes hurt a lot today, so it cheered me up.

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