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Austin Seraphin
About iOS Accessibility Consultant Austin Seraphin

Hello, and thanks for stopping by my page. I provide affordable accessibility consulting for apps.

I became blind at birth. I’ve always loved computers and technology in general. I got my first computer at age seven, an Apple II/e which still works. As soon as I realized I could program it to make it do whatever I wanted I knew I had found my calling.

I’ve used many different assistive devices throughout the years. Some I have loved, some not so much. For a while we entered a dark age of accessibility, but Apple changed that.

I got an iPhone in 2010 and that changed my life. I wrote about it which went viral. Two Macs and an iPad soon followed. I quickly realized the amazing potential of these devices to make a profound difference in the life of the blind.

Now I want to bring this profound difference to everyone. As an accessibility consultant, I bring a unique perspective both as a blind user and developer. I have the understanding of how VoiceOver works behind the scenes to help maximize the accessibility of an app. Best of all, thanks to what Apple has done, most apps either have perfectly good accessibility out of the box, or only need minor improvements. Droid provides similar functionality, though hasn’t quite come as far. Still I can consult on that as well.

Improving the accessibility of an app broadens your user base and helps you comply with government regulations. It makes your app available to people who would never have had this opportunity before. Plus, it will make you feel good. Send me an email and we can talk. I charge affordable rates. I look forward to working with you.