Echolocation Woodstock

May 08, 2012

About six months ago I started learning about echolocation. With a simple tongue click, a blind person can see their surroundings. The brain learns to interpret the echoes caused by a sound close to its center. This activates the very same visual pathways a sighted person uses to see, but instead of using reflected light it uses reflected sound. Recently, retinal implants have allowed some people to gain limited vision. We can do all of that and more with our own natural abilities.

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Access Unlimited

April 25, 2012

I just appeared on the excellent show Access Unlimited, an award-winning show on KPFK in Las Angeles. I talked about my first experiences with computers, the first time I used an iPhone, and even text adventures. Jolie Mason, one of the show’s hosts, contacted me and we had a great chat. I knew we would have a great interview. Stella Violano from AppAdvice and Thomas Domville from Applevis also participated. I met Stella when she contact me to help her make her excellent list of apps for the blind, and her follow-up list of games for the blind. It felt good to get us all on the same program.

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How to Make MPD Work with AirPlay the Right Way

April 12, 2012

Some time ago I detailed a simple hack for making MPD work with AirPlay. I considered it just that, a simple hack. I wanted something better even then, and my recent revelation that MP3 sucks just made it all the more necessary. I also hated having to use iTunes for my special music. So at last I now present the best way I’ve found to make MPD work with AirPlay on the Mac.</p>

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Operation FLAC

April 01, 2012

This equinox I had a profound revelation. MP3 sucks! I know others have stated this, but the full realization has really hit me. Now I feel obsessed with preserving my audio in a lossless format. Why won’t Apple play along?

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Farewell to the Shire

March 19, 2012

I lived in Swarthmore pretty much all of my life. Now I have left the peaceful shire to move into the city of Philadelphia. I can hardly believe I have lived here for two months. My life has totally changed and I love it.

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