Hearing Emoticons

October 05, 2010

As a programmer, it always amazes me when a simple feature makes a profound difference. Any programmer will know what I mean. In this case, I refer to VoiceOver’s ability to speak emoticons.

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Why I do not Consider Myself an Apple Fanboy

October 03, 2010

The last two weeks have brought me a barrage of incredible and enthusiastic comments to my article about my first week with the iPhone. I have felt moved emotionally by many. My article has caused some to laugh, some to cry, and some to buy iPhones. It feels so good to make a difference in other’s lives. For years I have wanted to help change the world, especially the world of the blind, through technology. Now I have my chance. Nevertheless, in these four hundred or so comments, I did receive a negative one. I therefore felt compelled to address my detractor in a somewhat sarcastic academic fashion, making a medicine out of the malady.

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Rejoining the Apple Family

September 10, 2010

This summer has inadvertently become the Summer of Apple. First, I got an iPhone, which changed my life. Next, I got an iPad, which I love as well. The other morning while eating breakfast, Goddess told me that the time had come to purchase a Mac. I started out on an Apple II/E, and bought a II/GS, but had to give them both up when PCs gained prevalence. The time had come to rejoin the Apple family.

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How to Sync your Emacs diary with your iPhone or iPad

July 24, 2010

Oh yes! I have wanted to do this for such a long time, and glancing through the iPad manual gave me the answer. I will now show you how to synchronize your Emacs diary files with the calendar in the iPhone or iPad. I should warn you right out that the implementation seems broken in some ways, for instance I don’t see cyclic dates showing up, but it provides a start. I have tested this on an iPad running iOS 3.2.1, and an iPhone running iOS 4.0.

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Reinstalling Windows XP Home on a Dell Dimension XPS410

July 06, 2010

Gather round, and listen to our tale. A friend named Jimmy crashed his Windows XP registry, so Bec and I figured we should help him out and reinstall Windows. He has a Dell Dimension XPS410, and even had his original XP disk and serial key. We figured smooth sailing, and hoped we’d finish by dinner. When the installer could not see the hard drive, we worried. When we realized that we needed to find drivers for everything, we became enraged. When Windows shut down all hardware because we did not activate it in time, we went insane. Ten hours later, at one in the morning, we called it a night. I write this to assist anyone else in the same situation.

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