An Evening at the Indian Restaurant

October 02, 2009

We have an awesome Indian restaurant near us called Sher-E-Punjab. I love going there, and this time I went with two friends. We have to go more often. Join me for an evening at the Indian Restaurant. Until they make it possible to send the smells and tastes of this wonderful food over the Internet, you will have to make due by looking at their awesome menu.

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I have TMJ.

September 30, 2009

I’ve meant to do some blogging recently, but ended up working on Liberty Pulse. After working for around a month straight, I got burnt out on that project and had to take some time off. I celebrated the Equinox by watching the Lord of the Rings, and just tried to relax. Meanwhile, I’ve had construction work going on. I’ve had a lot going on.

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Learning Lisp, or Back from the Shadows Again

August 18, 2009

Late last night, my life changed in three hours. A kid called in to Leo Laporte and asked what language he would recommend to a young person to get them started in programming. To my delight, he recommended Lisp. He said something to the effect of: “Don’t use C or C++, use a real man’s programming language, use Lisp.” This inspired me to get back into this wonderful language. It also dovetails nicely into something else about which I wanted to rant: why I don’t want to go back to college.

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Big Boom!

August 14, 2009

I write this article under strange circumstances. On Sunday, we had a thunderstorm. It quickly escalated into a very severe storm, with wild lightning and mad thunder. With a crash, the power blinked off, and the phone went dead, and did not return. The net went with it. A hum filled the air, coming in through the open windows. A 12,000-volt power line had fallen to the ground. Sparks and arcs burst forth as the rain continued to fall, thunder and lightning continuing as well. The air resonated with the loud 60 hertz hum, and the awful sounds of the electricity sounded truly terrifying. I felt afraid to touch anything metal. From the depths of my past, Metallica’s “Ride the Lightning” played in my head. I ran around the house to try to hear more, and returned to the computer room. The brutal sounds continued. I hoped my hair wouldn’t start standing on end. Visions of electric death filled my head, and I smelled some smoke.

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Thumbs up to Taza!

July 17, 2009

I celebrated my 32nd birthday on the 14th. My cousin gave me some Taza Chocolate. I unwrapped a hand-wrapped packet containing two elegant discs. I slowly ate a disc throughout the course of the evening, and felt quite fine – a real smooth buzz. I ordered a case upon returning home. First class!

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