Eyes-Free Fitness

Eyes-Free Fitness brings audio workouts to the blind. It features fully described workouts and individual exercises, as well as content from their podcast and blog.


Motion-accessibility provides wrappers for Ruby-Motion. It also fofers automated accessibility testing. I plan to rewrite it.

Public Speaking

I used to do a lot of public speaking, then I got toally burned out on it and had to stop. You still can enjoy my past speeches. Most of the information still applies. Who knows, I might still speak if the right opportunity comes along…

Philly Touch Tours

In 2015, I cofounded a business called Philly Touch Tours. I have since stepped away to pursue other activities, but they continue to have a great time around the city.

Philly Touch Tours is an organization with the philosophy, ‘Nothing About Us Without Us,’ at its heart. We provide accessibility consulting, sensitivity training and instructional workshops for cultural and educational institutions and inclusive, sensory tours and experiences for people with vision loss in and around the Philadelphia area.

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